Final Day of Internship

August 10, 2007

Today is the final day of our internship around the world. At least to most of us and as we are now come together to struggle to finish their report. We bid goodbye to our internship host who teaches us and take extreme good care of all of us. Most of us will then will take a 2 weeks break from school to travels around their internship countries. However in 2 weeks, we will be back in Strasbourg once again to meet up and present our final project in front of everyone.  Thus, hope to see you all in 2 weeks time


The Official Space Lawyers Song

August 2, 2007

It is one of the unheard job and now Space lawyers have their own official song. A band of lawyers from the US have come up with this space lawyer theme songs. so to all the space lawyer out there.

* * *
We got satellites out in space
we gotta launch them every day
what if yours was to hit mine
who would we go to for this crime?

Space does not belong to one nation
It does not lie under a single state’s jurisdiction
So tell me who will be burned
when people die in condos on Saturn?

… Space lawyer… space lawyer…

Space lawyer won’t you come
And tell us who done wrong
Space lawyer wont you say
the other guy’s gotta pay pay pay…

We are now taking a vote to see whether this can be the official space lawyer song

PollTake Our Poll


Parisian Sky

August 1, 2007

Last weekend, violetta ( our russian friend ) and Nassim ( our admission manager) took a joy ride to the sky of Paris. The pair went on a flying trip using a small plane. From the video we can see that Violetta is enjoying her flying lessons and experience. Most importantly, that you survived to put your experience in Youtube. It is really an amazing weekend by one of our intern


Wedding Bliss in Canada

July 25, 2007

Matt and Magda’s Love photo story

If you want to watch more videos go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/superisraisu

One of the our classmates Magdalena Wierus from Canada/Poland just got married with her fiance of 7 years back in Toronto. The long wait is finally over and the meticulously planned wedding runs perfectly. What is more special is that two of ISU07 classmates who are doing their internship in Canada flew in specially to be a witness of a marriage in the making. Harish and Marianne decides to forgo their precious weekends just be present in Magdalena happiest day in her life. “Although most of us could not be there with you. But, remember that our prayers is always be with you Magda”

“The class of ISU07 wishes Magda a happy wedding , may this magic moments last till eternity. Congratulations and we miss and love you forever

Here are some of the magic moments in the wedding

Harish and Magda

Marianne and Magda

Wife and husband !!!

Crazy Polish

Wedding Food .. Yum Yum

Wedding Party

The Dance


Tokyo gang in Mt. Fuji!

July 23, 2007

Will and Isra's Jaxa friends from Chofu. 

Having survived 2 Earthquakes and 1 Typhoon that hit Japan last-last weekend . William, Isra and Isra’s Jaxa friends, decided to leave the cosmopolitan life in Tokyo and went in search for adventure to Mt. Fuji. William, Isra and Otzca-san

Walking on the snow

Finally at the top!

After one-day hike we reached the top of such a popular hike-site, being the tallest peak in Japan with 3,776M (12,388 FT). The video is in Spanish, but if you don’t understand no worries! Make up whatever comes to your mind but enjoy the view!  


If you want to watch more photos or videos go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/superisraisu or http://israelojedaworldymore.spaces.live.com/


Beaches of Light

July 19, 2007

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This Week people in JAXA went to the beaches in Tokyo. The summer beaches in tokyo are always filled with alot of interesting events and this week, we watch the whole beach of Odaiba ( Tokyo bay ) transformed into the beaches of light. They put ever thousands of candlelight in the beaches and transform it into the beaches of light. The view is breathtaking as you can see candles arrange in the unique way. It is a great break from the internship



ISU07 very own Space Artists

July 12, 2007

Artistic Talents in ISU grew as one of our friend from Jamaica Marc designed his first art. Marc is one of the most talented artists in ISU07 and he is the graphic designers for Team Project-1 ( Space Heritage ). He designed the team logo, the team title page and he also assist in the design of the final power point presentation. And now he takes his talents to another level by designing his first Artpiece. Hopefully, marc will soon produces more amazing artpiece as he day comes.