ISU World Cup Game 3 – North America Vs The Rest of the World

September 28, 2006

On the eve of the big game, I had the opportunity for an EXCLUSIVE Pre-Game 3 interview with football star Carlos Uriarte Vega, who’s making his ISU World Cup debut and Brian Schoening of the undefeated North American team. Here were their comments on the upcoming game:


Harish: Mr. Uriarte Vega, it’s my understanding that the World Team, with the intention of picking up some momentum, are paying
you Eur. 10 and have given you 2 CROUS meal tickets. What are you thoughts on their offer?

Mr. Uriarte Vega: It’s a bunch of <bleep>! I mean seriously, I should be paid at LEAST EUR. 8 MILLION, JUST TO SHOW UP! I mean,
just look at me!..And Uriarte Vega..it’s synonymous with Ronaldhino…where is da respect???

Harish: Mr. Schoening of North America, your arch nemesis, has always had some strong words for you. What would you like to
say to him?

Mr. Uriarte Vega: I’m gonna kick his <bleep>. It’s gonna be pretty easy, especially when you play against a chump who thinks
football is played with an oval ball. Remind Brian tomorrow that in this sport, you can’t use your hands.

The North American team has been pretty impressive over the past 2 games. How do you think you’ll do against them?

Mr. Uriarte Vega:The World Team has played pretty well too, but with me, we’ll be UNSTOPPABLE. North America’s just been lucky-
the luck ends tomorrow when they face the great VEGA! I guarantee a hat-trick (3 goals) and a MANITA (at least
5 goals by the World Team)

Harish: What do you think of North American “SOCCER” in general?

Mr. Uriarte Vega: I laugh. I mean the names of american football teams are a joke – who seriously calls a team “THE GALAXY” or
the “LIGHTNING”? At least in Spain, we have REAL teams…

Prediction tomorrow?

Mr. Uriarte Vega: 8-2 for the World Team…and those 2 goals will be lucky ones for North America

Harish: Thank you Mr. Uriarte Vega, I bid you good-luck tomorrow



Harish: Thank you Mr. Schoening for this interview. Tomorrow you finally get to play against the great Carlos Uriarte Vega tomorrow. How do you feel?

Mr. Schoening: I feel GREAT! I’ve been training for almost a week – jogging, pull-ups, sprinting to get to the bank on time,
and flirting with the ladies at stores. I’ve even polished my SOCCER SHOES, and ironed my shorts and socks.

Harish: What are your thoughts on facing Carlos?

Mr. Schoening:
The guy’s ALL FLASH. I’m not even sure all 50 lbs of him will be able to hold himself up when I leave him in my
dust. He may look good in SPANDAX, but I’m gonna make him look like a fool on the FIELD!

North America’s been on a roll and lead the season series 2-0. Do you think you can keep up this up?

Mr. Schoening: <bleep> Yeah! We should be called the North American “DREAM TEAM”! I mean, one more Spaniard won’t make a
difference tomorrow!

Harish: What do you think of the World Team’s play?

Mr. Schoening:
They’re good but no finish around the net. And I understand it’s hard when you’re on the ground half the time!

Harish: Prediction tomorrow?

Mr. Schoening: 9-1…their one goal will be a mercy goal.

Thank you Mr. Schoening. Well folks, there you have it. 2 stars, but only 1 will be victorious tomorrow. Check out the battle, Thursday 17h00, CROUS International Futbol Field in Illkirch. CHeers.


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