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International Food Tasting

October 25, 2006

Today we are having a food tasting session. Where each of us cook a little dish from our country to let everyone try our special food . So coming from 31 different countries , we technically have 31 different counntry dishes. After tasting all the food, we all listen to songs from differnet countries and dance our night to the song of our friends.


ISU Drop Tower

October 24, 2006

This is our Experiment on Microgravity a team performed 2 experiment on the microgravity. we decided to see the effects of fire and luiquid in Microgravity experiment . The video shows the two experiments

Microgravity experiment on Fire

Microgravity gravity on Fluid

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President Michael Simpsons Addresses The ISU Alumni

October 24, 2006

During the IAC confrence in Valencia. President Michael Simpson addresses the ISu alumni. Approximately about 300 alumni attended the evening reception.

Here is the clip of Dr. michael Simpson Speech

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ISU booth on IAC 2006

October 11, 2006

Every year , ISU send a team to the yearly International Astronautical Congress to promote ISU. this year. Caroline and Nassim journeyed the long journey to come to Valencia to promote the ISU education . Here is a picture of our booth with David and Caroline

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October 6, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, the event of the century is soon to be upon us. The ISU Lounge is the proud hosts of the WORLD TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS. I’ve put a sign up sheet there so if you’re interested sign on up!Please put you name and indicate if you want to play in the BEGINNERS (B) OR INTERMEDIATE (I) POOL. Please don’t sign up as a beginner if you’re very good because that won’t be any fun.

The Tournament format will be something like a short round robin (ie. Minimum 3 games for everyone) before the elimination round.

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1,500 Km Journey to Valencia

October 1, 2006

As most of the lecturers and professor uses the luxury of aeroplanes to travel to this year IAC, two students brave the roads of France and Spain and embark on a 22 hour journey from Strasbourg to Valencia. They are David. T. Haslam from the United Kingdom and William Widjaja from Indonesia, ISU is proud despite their financial constraints. They still make it to Valencia. Great Job both of you.

Our Transporation System Module – Nickname Eurolines

Dave Posing during the mini stop-over during our trip

1300 Km covered ! 113 Km more to Go

Upon Arrival at our Hostel, bee our wonderful TA suddenly greet us and saying. Guys Get ready for your Formal Party at the Space Generation Council. We drop our luggages and quickly exchange our smelly clothes for a cool stylist suit. No time for pictures and we zoom to attend the dinner and talk. More story from Valencia will come

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