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Chirstmas Market is coming to town

November 25, 2006

Capitael Du Noel

Strasbourg is well-known for its christmas market, thus this year the christmas market came to town today and here are some of the beautiful pictures around strasbourg

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Anousheh Ansari comes to ISU

November 22, 2006

Dearest Everyone . Today we are graced by the presence of Anousheh Ansari who came to visit us on this. As you all know Anousheh is the first woman tourist. Today, we are delighted to welcome her to talk about her recent trip to the international space station .

During her stay, we are treated to pizza and snacks while chatting with her. then we had an hour presentation about her trip in space and that talk is one of the most inspiring talk in ISU. The talks consists about the training that she needs to undergoes and all her survival courses and language course in Russia. its like studying in ISU cramming everything in such a short period.

Well here are some of the pictures of Anousheh Visit to ISU

Here are some of the pictures with us and Anousheh

We Enjoy your stay in ISU Anousheh

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Skate in Strasbourg

November 21, 2006

Lets Skate in Strasbourg

This week we went skating with a bunch of people , It was a fun night again which gives us another stress releasing events. As christmas is coming, its an earlier preview of the christmas

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Hiking Trip to Watenbourg

November 13, 2006

this saturday , we went to a small hill-side town called Watenbourg. Watenbourg is located 40km away from strasbourg and a total of 18 people came on this trip to hike in the pristine forest of watenbourg. We took a bus ride about an hour away to come to the city and upon arriving , we went to see a ruin chateu that overlooks at the city. Next we went straight to the forest to enjoy the nature walk. the nature walk is such a refreshing time for all of us who had a stressful time in ISU thre past week and this nature walk helps us to recover from the tiredness of our school workload. The forest is also beautiful because of the time of the year where all the the trees leaves turn yellwo and everything just fall down. we Hike Up , Down , Left and Right . overall its just an exciting beautiful hike
During our hike, we talk about many things, such as satellite , remote sensing , radar altimeter … but most of us complained about the mention about space-related topics in our nature walk .. then after about 2 hr into the hike, we came across this huge field of green grass .. and we decided to have a break and our lunch there .. with Breads , Sandwichs and a little bit of beer ..

Soon after our nice stop , we came to an end to our hike and we head back to the city and because the weather is getting colder and wetter, we went to a small restaurant and order HOT chocolate to keep us warm. during this time, we also talk about our day and little personal stories about where we came from

After a few hours of chatting its time to go back to strasbourg, the last bus to strasbourg arrives and we board the bus to return back to High Civilization , Once again a beautiful saturday in strasbourg


Lead the way Harish!!!

David :” LOOK at me !! im hiking the hill ! “

Boo !! there is a bear infront !! be careful !!

A group Pictures in Watenbourg

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Who we are (The Master 06/07 Family )

November 10, 2006

A Picture of Who we are in the ISU 06/07 Master Program . Every single one of US in this mini pics ..

Welcome to our family Pictures


Trip To Molsheim Bike Trip

November 7, 2006

This week 10 of us visited a magical small town of Molsheim . Located about 23 Km from Strasbourg. We travel along the La Bruche along the colorful Alsatian Village. It tooks us a lazy 3 hrs to reach the Village and once there all of us bike there once arriving Rodolphe broke his bike ( his bike chain broke again ) . and he have to walk all into the city .Upon arrival, John our leader , bring us around to see the historic city buildings and tell us a little bit of the city . It is a beautiful beautiful experience in Molsheim .
Here are some of our pictures

Biking Along the canal

Stop for a break

A group Foto Shoot

Cheese Mariane Style

Beautiful Molsheim

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ISU Halloween Party

November 1, 2006

This year ISU Halloween Party is sponsored by Thiago and Brian Home.
This year our Halloween party took place on 31st Of October ( Duh !! ) at Thiago & Brian Home

And there is just one rule for you to come to the party is that you must dress up as a certain characters to the party .. and Guess What Almost all came with something .. whether its a Dracula or Batman , all of us came with someone special . Here are some of the pics in the party. Nevertheless the party is a great success and everyone enjoy it especially during our Harsh Module 2

The cowboy and the Mummy

Gang of Super Heroes

Batman Meets Zorro

Bono Catwoman and KISS posing for a pics

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