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Goodbye Exam ! Welcome Holidays

December 21, 2006

Today is the last day of exam. Everyone is looking foward to the beautiful Holiday

Hope to see you guys again next year

Enjoy your trip and enjoy your holidays

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ISU Official Christmas Party 2006

December 15, 2006

Every year ISU organize a christmas party in ISU. It started with a nice formal dinner with delicious food and nice drinks and this year theme is Discos of the 60s .

This year christmas, we are exchanging our christmas gifts with everyone. It is such a lovely experience to see what are people getting for this year christmas gifts

so everyone should dress like the 60s . most of the faculty attends the dinner and after a stomachful dinner. its time to work out by Dancing to the nights . Suddenly our dejay kicks in and its disco time baby !!! We are transported back to the 60s.

we dance and dance and dance till the final train that comes at 12. But overall this is our last party before our final EXAM.. Good luck everyone

Hope we can remember this party for along long time

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Visit to SES Global (Luxembourg)

December 14, 2006

Today, the class takes a 3 hour drive trip to another country Luxembourg. THe home of the largest satellite company in the world. SES Global. In SES we were greated by a few executive from ISU including Romain Bausch, The CEO of SES global( A billion dollar company). We discuss alot about satellite business and the coming strategy of SES global. Students were then welcome to ask question about SES both technical and marketing strategies. After a tasty lunch hosted by the company, we took a few hours to tour the facilities. A few executive explain the facilites while we view some of the most high tech satellite infrastrucutre. Upon the end of our trip, we bid the executive goodbye and thank them for a wonderful hospitality


Visiting Strasbourg Obsevatorie

December 6, 2006

Today is a fantastic trip with the school to see the works of the strasbourg observatorie. In this trip we were shown the observatorie telescope used by early astronomers and how the works of the astronomers are. After that we went to the museum near the planetarium to talk about the early astronomy equipment used by many astrononers in the early ages. It is a real wonderful experience to see the astronomy works in strasbourg. One thing that is not too good. Is that we dont have the chance to operate the telescope and see the stars with our own hand.


Astronaut Day

December 1, 2006

Today is Astronaut Day

We have 3 Guest Astronaut that comes to ISU today to talk about their works , they are

Andre Kuipers Dutch Astronaut

Robert Thirsk Canadian Astronaut

Chiaki Mukai Japanese Astronaut

Today we had a talk about Space Life science how Astronaut works and live in Space . This is an extremmely well-informed talk about the life and training of astronaut. It is not easy to be an astronaut as one says but .. These people are our heroes that make it happens. The talk goes until 3 hours and there is alot of question and answer about an Astronaut Life . Once again thank you for organizing this wonderful astronaut Day

Today is ao

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