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Election Results

January 29, 2007



ISU Yuri#39;s Night 2007 Word Party

January 27, 2007

The website for this year ISU Yuri’s Night Party is set up,

The new site is

We will update the details of the party as it comes along. Once again another great time in ISU.

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Winter American Football

January 25, 2007

Today is the inauguration of ISU winter American Football. Taking advantage of the snow in the ISU fields, the team is once again divided in world team and North America Team. Following the American Football version, we need to score touchdown after every 4 fall. At first the American takes the lead with the first. However, The World team returns with a superb catch by rodolphe the belgium brawns. After 6-6 tie, America once again score a touchdown bringing the game to 12-6. Then a re-inforcement from Greece with Prof Zervos entry to the game which gives an extra edge to the world team. The world team then continues to score another 2 touchdown with once again Aravind and Rodolphe scoring touchdowns. The american retaliate to score another one which bring the game to a tie of 18-18. Unable to score another touchdown. The game ended in a tie as we surrender ourself to the cold weather. Another fun day in school.

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Snowing in ISU

January 24, 2007

Snow is a very interesting element in our society. It has the power to change alot of our mundane works everyday . It can shut a city and it can change a person characteristic from being serious to playful. today snows comes to ISU. Usually a bunch of cooperative students working seriously hard together in projects. But today, those friendships are gone.. Its Snowball fight, no matter friends or foes, we take a lump of ice lying around and strike at the nearest person to us. ( not sparing the camera man too ).Lectures are delayed for45 minutes. Due to heavy snow that stops the tram that is essential to our everyday transportation needs. So those who are early use the extra time to play snow ball It is a fun fun day today. Hope there will be more snow this year. so we have time to build an ISU Snowman and Play snowball soccer !!! Here is a sneak preview of what we did !! Cheers

Video 1 – Click Here if You Cant see the Video

Video 2 – Click Here if You Cant see the Video

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January 19, 2007

Today is our Robotic competition. All student are divided into 5 teams of different expert to construct a robot within 24 hours. The kit is a LEGO Mindstorm robotic kit and we are supposed to program a robot that can stay within a boundaries of 7X7 M and to collect gems inside the boundaries and avoid obstacle and finally to return home . We were challenge to construct the robots within the specific time frame and at eh end of the day, we were challenge to which team collect the most point . It is an interesting competition and all of us enjoys building lego ( like a small kid ) and programming robots

Video 1-Click here if you cant see the video

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Happy New Year and Welcome Back to ISU with a Jungle Party

January 16, 2007

After 2 weeks of holidays, ISU students are slowly coming back to school. The first thing we came back to to celebrate our return to ISU .. We do party alot in school yah .. Part of internationalism issue in ISU ..

Welcome Back to ISU and last week we had a great party at Bee  and Cris Part. more details later