A Medical Experiment in ISU

February 1, 2007

Today is an extremmely interesting day for all of us. Today is the first time we venture to the medical laboratory to study about Medical Studies in Space application.

Our Lecturers Dr. Milan Chermack , Dr. Oleg Atkov ( Russian Cosmonaut ) and Dr. Chiaki Mukai (Japanese Cosmonaut) taugh us about the application of tele-medicine in the medical world. Dr. Milan Chermack demostrate to us the technology used by tele-medicine communities. He introduce many gadgets that utilize the satellite technology for tele-medicine and for tele-education in remote areas

Dr. Oleg Atkov ( Russian Cosmonaut ) also demostrate the technology with showing us a live connection with a medical team in Uzbekistan

Live Connection with Uzbekistan

And Afterwards Dr. Milan Chermak demostrate a few simple Emergencies situations in remote areas and how a tele-medicine could assists in this fields. At the end of the day, all of us benefited from the experience and with a little bit of more time and tele-medicine technology all of us can be doctors.

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