ISU mars expedition in Utah

February 20, 2007


Simon Masters 06/07 MSS Students, 2nd from the right ( black t-shirt )


This is live from Utah! Today after our big meetings day we had time to
learn that in Utah it is against the law to fish from horseback, or illegal
not to drink milk or even more illegal to detonate any nuclear weapon. The
best is that a husband is responsible for every criminal act committed by
his wife while she is in his presence…interesting…but fortunately we are
considering there wouldn’t be such rules on Mars so we feel free! Desert
around here is a geologist’s dream (I won’t make it to the Grand Canyon but
who cares for now?!) it is fun to be here to learn from the science people
of mission control who showed us the good way in all the projects we will be
doing up north this summer. We can understand fully the implications for
Mars analogue research. We are ready as a crew for simulation I guess but we
still have lots to do. Snow makes things harder here especially with
transportation. Everyone is amazing, Utah people are great, this is just the
beginning! Geo geo geo, with bio, permafrost, meterorite and space!!!!


I really wish I could show you everything I learnt it is unique here! Hope
to hear from you soon. Martians have not been seen yet, they hate snow and


Wish you good week and speak to you soon!














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