Why The Moon? Symposium Kicks Off

February 22, 2007

The annual symposium in ISU has just started . This year confrence main topic is ” Why The Moon ?” Why do we choose to go to the moon ?. This symposium has attracted many moon expert from all over the world including moon experts from NASA, ESA , JAXA , Chinese Space Agency and others. The Moon symposium is declared opened by ISU President Dr. Michael Simpsons and a few keynote speakers with Dr. John Logdson and Dr.Gale Allen from NASA to kick off the discussion of “Why we go to the moon?”

The excitement of discussion sparks from flickering candlelight to a large giant fireball when more and more speakers introduce his or her vision to the subject of Why go the moon?. The lively discussion extended all the way to lunchtime, where its time for a sumptuous lunch provided by one of our sponsors Lockheed Martin. Lunch is very well received by our expert where they slowly form line to try a taste of the traditional alsacian cuisine. While enjoying their meals, the discussion continues on the lunch table, where ideas and opinion clashes like a molecular formation.

After filling our stomach, its time to go back to the main confrence room to further discuss the next hot topic “The moon as a public stimulus.” This time, there is more experts from different disiplinary to share their expertise and experience to all of us, Many of the speakers engages us with a lively and entertaining presentation of how to engage teh public in our effort to return to the moon. One of the most eloquent quote was stated by Europeans Space Agency Smart-1 Chief Scientist , Bernard Foing. :” The moon belongs to everyone in the planet, it is our 8th continent!”

Times flies like a blink of an eye, where without realising the time stretches to late evening. But thats not finished, the next on the topic is the poster sessions, where students/experts presented their ideas in a poster to showcase their research, their ideas and their proposal, the posters generated more discussion with the experts, where they exchange, iterate and improves ideas that is presented in the posters. Soon the bus to return to the main centre arrives where they took most of our experts back to their hotel to regenerate for another session of a rigorous discussion of why the moon the next day.

President Simpson official opens the symposium

Why do we go to the moon ?

A Traditional Alsacian lunch in ISU Pioneer Hall

Discussion on the table

Space Art Exhibition

The Poster Session

Discussion on the Poster Session

Talking about the moon while eating apple 🙂

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An Example of the of our lively discussion

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More Discussion between experts

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