Final Day of Moon Symposium

February 25, 2007

The final day of the moon symposium kicks off with a business and commercial issue in moon exploration. Our Dean Walter Peeters is the moderator start and invite a team of economic experts to discuss about the business viability of moon exploration. . Without an profitable economy in the moon exploration business, it will be really hard to explore the moon. Thus to have a strong business plan to go back to the moon. A few experts express their solutions and their economic strategy that could increase the chances of human to explore the moon.

After answering our moon answer, we break for another wonderful lunch and soon follows up with a presentation with our legal issue. Legal is also another important issue that we have to look up. To ensure a prosperous and maintaining order in our effort to explore the moon. We have to solve our legal questions and create a framework that ensures the success of such endevours. Luckily, in this panel we have a team of experts that discuss these issues and we strongly believe our policy makers and lawyers to help the space community to achieve their ultimate dream of helping humanity to reach the moon.

After our discussion of the moon, its time to review the whole moon symposium. 6 representative from each session came foward to conclude each of them.

After the end of the conclusion, there is an interesting treat by one of our participant, cherlynn Morrow from SETI has been involved in AstroJazz music . Together from 3 students from ISU, they did a collaboration of music/songs performance for all the audiences. An excellent performance by the team which deserver the thunderous claps by all of us.

It has been one successful Symposium with over 200 participant attended the confrence. The largest turnout ever in the history of ISU according to one source.

Representing the students, we would like to thank every single person that comes from all corners of the world to ISU to share their expert opinions on the moon. Not only did it widen our horizon, it also inspire us to go further in our education and career so that we one day could be part of the global effort to explore our next frontier.

Our Final pictures

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A portion of the Cherlynn Morrow Performance

To commemorate our experience in the moon symposium the web team created a little video remembering our experience in the moon symposium

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