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March 29, 2007


An unlikely team composed of 4 International Space University students and two random French locals who had never seen a hockey stick, much less knew what to do with one, eked outas Hockey NightinStrasbourgTournament champions after a series of spectacular (and suprising) wins. Competingamongst 5 teams, the team accuractly named “World Space Team” faced its first challenge in attempting to enlighten the French locals as towhat the heck this meant. The French settled for this namemeaning some cool English phrase…

The ISU contigent was proudly represented by the following superstars and their special traits:

Ms. Christine Nam – Team Most Valuable Player (MVP). No joke here – Ms. Nam shocked everyone including her own teammates by her play. Seriously, who would have suspected this ridiculously cute little skaterwearing a giant hockey jersey of being a thorn to every team. She did have the advantage using her hockey stick, which to the average hockey player on skates would come up just past the knees, making an excellent golf putter but a poor substitute for a hockey stick. Besides winning every faceoff (look this term up if you don’t understand), and making some clutch passes, Ms. Nam threw some fercious body checks – unintentionally of course, but fercious nonetheless, leaving her victims dazzled and annoyed. Clearly, Ms. Nam proved that size does not matter…

Mr. Richard Chim – The Scud Missile (or Out-of-Control Dion Phaneuf). You could not miss him even if you were blind because he would haveknocked you down. Mr. Chim’s spectacular crashes had hisopponents shaking their headsas it was impossible to get around him without wiping out everyone within a 2mradius. Besides the”Strategic Hits” ,aswe shall call it, Mr.Chim proved his Canadian background making some excellent passes, and clutchblocks, especially since theWorld SpaceTeam’s goalie (played byone of the French Locals) had no idea what he was doing.

Mr. Henrik Karlsson – aka Mr. Nick Lidstrom ( smoothest skater in the National Hockey League). Mr. Karlsson, the sole representative of current Olympic Ice Hockey champions Sweden, showed why his country produces great hockey players with his solid offensive and defensive play,clutch goals especially when everyone else was exhausted, and moreimportantly, his off-ice performance chatting upall the ladies that were watching.

Mr. Harish Raisinghani – aka Mr. Spread Eagle. Mr. Raisinghani, despite scoring some key goals, also spent much of his time (especially during the later games) making love to the ice as he later remarked he was too tired to get up at times. Of course, his crazy stick prevented anyone from getting close to the net, and at the same time infuriating the other teams, especially the team with a bunch of Cocky Little Hotshot Kids (who were phenominal skaters, but with a hockey stick in theirhandand forced to chase a puck, looked like heavy-liftrockets without guidance systems).

The team initally played two widely entertaining games, especially against thoseDamn Kids, and then later settled on soundly beating3 other teams on route to victory – the later games essentially being stuggles of survival. It’s just too bad the World Space Team will be unable to defend its title as the next tournament is in mid-June.


A big Thanks to the players who came outbut also toour highly energetic cheerleading squad, led by Antonio, Violetta, Dave and Alma!


Team pic attached (unfortunately a bit blurry)

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PA is Done (at least for most of us ) .. Good Luck to Almaz Guys !!

March 23, 2007


Dearest Everyone congratulation on completing your PA ( PERSONAL ASSIGNMENT and i know that PA is kinda tought .. there is a record of 12 ppl styaing overnight in ISU the day before PA and i guess it can get kinda messy to do your PA . Well i hope the best recovery and have a great module 4 .. Plus Russia news will come soon come back in a day or two .. sorry cant update becoz of PA..

See You at Party



March 11, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, 33 people from ISU are now in Moscow. just after the exam last friday, 33 members of the ISU 07 class took a flight to the home of first man in Space, Russia. RUSSIA the largest country in the world is a unique experience for all the students who go there. It is the first time for many people to visit moscow and we are still in the culture shock of accepting the russian way of life. Today most of us went to Kremlin, the Red square to see the st basil cathredal and we enter the kremlin to see the palace and learn how to navigate in the complicated russian subway system. As all of you know it . No one speaks english and letter are written in russian ( no english translation ). Thus to learn the name of the station is quite a challenge . However we survived the firstd day… and 6 more days to go

Our first day in Russia getting off the bus

Here are our schedule

Here is a brief schedule of events for Russia:
Saturday, March 10 – Depart for Moscow
Sunday – Survival Day #1 (Free Day)
Monday – Visit Rocket and Space Company (RSC) Energia
Tuesday – Go to Star City, the Russian Cosmonaut training facility
Wednesday – Another day to explore.. a.k.a Survival Day #2
Thursday – Visit to MAI
Friday – Survival Day #3

Saturday – Fly back to Strasbourg

More Video

Walking in RedSquare

Star City Instruction

Charles Simonyi Training in Star City

Inside Soyuz Capsule

Russian Centrifuge

Here are some pictures

Click Here for our Photo Album


ISU Students Talk Satellites with the Dave Matthews Band

March 8, 2007

Tuesday night two ISU students ventured off to La Cigale in Paris to catch Dave Matthews while he was on his solo tour with Tim Reynolds. With an exam looming in the near future they thought they would take the opportunity to talk to Dave regarding his opionions on satellites. Dave’s main concern seemed to be the privacy rights of people and what can actually be observed from space.

For a full version of the conversation click here. Two Students


Module 3 Exam on the way

March 7, 2007

At this moment we are studying for our final module 3 exams. There are many people cramming in our study rooms in campus to study for all the final exams. At 1130 there is still rodolphe who is still revising for his exam. Way to go rodolphe !!! But Please give us the best of luck to do well for our exams. And to everyone in the Class 07 .. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR EXAM.


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A Global Disarmament Conference In ISU

March 2, 2007

The conference that will be held about the race of arms in space the next two days in Boeing Auditorium in the City of ISU is gaining interest from the public opinion as well in the spy sectors where a rumor has rise that the conference will be monitored by a few spy satellites to assure the security. A moderated concern about the proliferation of arms in space specially since India and China had demonstrated his capabilities breaking the traditional equilibrium US-Russia.

It still a mystery how the states will react in front of the surprising new position of IRAN which the official sources inform has presented a motion to include a modification into tomorrow’s agenda. Some other surprises are expected like North Korea which traditionally block their position against any international affair.

CANADA and the alliance Russia-China are the positions more known in the media specially Canada that have 3 proposals to present into the conference has been very active but is probable that the rest of the states are just waiting for causes of simple strategy.

At this point when the conference has not started not much optimism has been detected by the member states and the “the bureau” the conference organization has rejected to speak about their personals opinions to facilitate the further negotiations and they assure that will do their best to finish the conference with some type of final document approved by all members in the conference.

By Xavier

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