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A Global Disarmament Conference In ISU

March 2, 2007

The conference that will be held about the race of arms in space the next two days in Boeing Auditorium in the City of ISU is gaining interest from the public opinion as well in the spy sectors where a rumor has rise that the conference will be monitored by a few spy satellites to assure the security. A moderated concern about the proliferation of arms in space specially since India and China had demonstrated his capabilities breaking the traditional equilibrium US-Russia.

It still a mystery how the states will react in front of the surprising new position of IRAN which the official sources inform has presented a motion to include a modification into tomorrow’s agenda. Some other surprises are expected like North Korea which traditionally block their position against any international affair.

CANADA and the alliance Russia-China are the positions more known in the media specially Canada that have 3 proposals to present into the conference has been very active but is probable that the rest of the states are just waiting for causes of simple strategy.

At this point when the conference has not started not much optimism has been detected by the member states and the “the bureau” the conference organization has rejected to speak about their personals opinions to facilitate the further negotiations and they assure that will do their best to finish the conference with some type of final document approved by all members in the conference.

By Xavier

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