March 11, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, 33 people from ISU are now in Moscow. just after the exam last friday, 33 members of the ISU 07 class took a flight to the home of first man in Space, Russia. RUSSIA the largest country in the world is a unique experience for all the students who go there. It is the first time for many people to visit moscow and we are still in the culture shock of accepting the russian way of life. Today most of us went to Kremlin, the Red square to see the st basil cathredal and we enter the kremlin to see the palace and learn how to navigate in the complicated russian subway system. As all of you know it . No one speaks english and letter are written in russian ( no english translation ). Thus to learn the name of the station is quite a challenge . However we survived the firstd day… and 6 more days to go

Our first day in Russia getting off the bus

Here are our schedule

Here is a brief schedule of events for Russia:
Saturday, March 10 – Depart for Moscow
Sunday – Survival Day #1 (Free Day)
Monday – Visit Rocket and Space Company (RSC) Energia
Tuesday – Go to Star City, the Russian Cosmonaut training facility
Wednesday – Another day to explore.. a.k.a Survival Day #2
Thursday – Visit to MAI
Friday – Survival Day #3

Saturday – Fly back to Strasbourg

More Video

Walking in RedSquare

Star City Instruction

Charles Simonyi Training in Star City

Inside Soyuz Capsule

Russian Centrifuge

Here are some pictures

Click Here for our Photo Album


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