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President of India Visits ISU

April 24, 2007

Today , the president of India visited ISU. The president of India also a former of President of ISRO, will spend about 2 hours in ISU discussing future collaboration between ISU and the Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO ). the security is tight and we were brief of the visits and what to behaves during his presence. When he arrived at 1630, he was greeted by the Indian students in ISU with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Then his excellency enters a discussion with most members of the faculties and staffs. as we the students waits for his presentation in the Boeing Auditorium Hall. Soon afterwards, he came along presented his vision for the future in Indian Space activities. After he went to take a tour in the pioneer halls and left with a final pictures of the class photographs as a memento to our university.

For More information

And one of our TA Bee also blog about his excellency visit to ISU

His entrance to ISU

His escort

Tight Security in ISU

His Chair

The Strong Indian Community in Strasbourg came to see their president

Smile for the Camera guys !!

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Yuris Night Party 2007 LA SALAMANDER

April 13, 2007

Today is Yuris Night Party, the party started early at 10 00 oclock at La Salamander, it was organized by a the local french students Seba who had done an amazing job in securing the venue and the events itself. We came in our best costumes ( at least some of us and dance till it the night through and at the same time we manage to get some students not from ISU to be interested in Yuris Night . At first it is “who is Yuri Gagarin, i never heard of him!” But after the party everyone seems familiar to the man who first soar to the sky into dark space. Cheers to Yuris


The Night Scene

The Astroguys !

The ISU gangs not studying

ESA scientist are not always in the lab

Its Yuris Night Guys !!

Astro drinking

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April 10, 2007

With 6 weeks left to go of our masters program, some students were able to enjoy a 4 day weekend over the Easter holiday. Venturing out of the Strasbourg area we sought a weekend of entertainment where the words TP, the moon, or satellites could in no way be used. With the craziness of our team project looming over our head upon our return we set out for our last free weekend until we head off for our internships in May.

1. Portugal – Brian

With the feel of summer in the air in Strasbourg and the urge to hear once again the sounds of crashing waves I set off to Portugal for a weekend in another new land. I spent a day and a half touring the city of Lisbon, walking through its old hilly streets and viewed its winding streets from the Sao Jorge castle that sits high above the city. With an hour and a half bus ride north I arrived in Baleal where I stayed at a the Surf Castle surf camp right along a beach with chest high waves rolling into shore. With a day of surfing and watching a pro surf competition behind me I headed back to Strasbourg relaxed and ready to tackle the remaining weeks of school. 

2. France – Marseilles – Shawna

Imagine a place where cerulean skies and waters stretch on so far that it becomes impossible to distinguish where one begins and the other ends – the only reason you are able to differentiate is because some logical part of your brain (probably the prefrontal cortex for the neurologically inclined) knows that sailboats typically don’t float in the sky. Then again, Marseille isn’t your typical place – so the idea doesn’t seem that farfetched – because rare indeed is the place containing the exceptional combination of dazzling turquoise seas and megalithic mountains.

To translate: Easter Weekend 2007 rocked. I went to the bottom of the world, scuba-diving in the frigid April waters of the Mediterranean, and to the top, scaling the rock faces of the Calanques mountains to the summit and indescribable views. This, combined with the easy, out-going nature of the Marseillaise locals easily made this weekend one of the best of my life (forget what you hear about Portugal, Amsterdam, Switzerland and Vienna ;)).

3. Holland-Amsterdam. Dag, Alma , Scott and a few more of he gangs



4. Switzerland- William, Aravind and Jun

A mad 4 day dash across .. arrived in Basel bought a 4 days swiss pass ( ouch ) and travel to 6 cities … BASEL – ZURICH – LUCERNE – INTERLAKEN – BERN .. enjoy a walk in lucerne and aravind and jun got lost in the woods while hiking in mount pilatus , while william who have a crappy shoes ( cant go to the woods ) enjoy the basking sun at the top of mount pilatus and after that climb up to the top of the Europe in Jungfrau.. It took our breath away … ( not because of beauty but because of high altitude )

5. Austria- Antonio, Violetta Ziggy

They enjoy Austria and they are happy Enjoy guys


Welome Back to ISU guys