President of India Visits ISU

April 24, 2007

Today , the president of India visited ISU. The president of India also a former of President of ISRO, will spend about 2 hours in ISU discussing future collaboration between ISU and the Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO ). the security is tight and we were brief of the visits and what to behaves during his presence. When he arrived at 1630, he was greeted by the Indian students in ISU with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Then his excellency enters a discussion with most members of the faculties and staffs. as we the students waits for his presentation in the Boeing Auditorium Hall. Soon afterwards, he came along presented his vision for the future in Indian Space activities. After he went to take a tour in the pioneer halls and left with a final pictures of the class photographs as a memento to our university.

For More information


And one of our TA Bee also blog about his excellency visit to ISU


His entrance to ISU

His escort

Tight Security in ISU

His Chair

The Strong Indian Community in Strasbourg came to see their president

Smile for the Camera guys !!

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