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May 30, 2007

Last weekend, Israel and William take a weekend trip to Tokyo and Tsukuba. First we went to the Univ of Tokyo Festival

We went to visit the University of Tokyo Festival to view their department of aeronautics and astronatics to know what are other Universities are doing in the space field and to our horror . We found a kebab store in one of their University Stand

Then we went to see some of the University Performance. This include a cool double dutch performance

Its really cool to see how university participate in such events.

Then we visited JAXA Exhibition Hall in Tokyo Central Station

and Isra Posed for a picture in an astronaut suits

The Next day, we climbed Mt Tsukuba

and finally we end by having a tour in JAXA Facilities , where william work

A weekend of Fun and Joy in Japan.. more stories comes from other countries

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Team Project 1 Opening Video

May 26, 2007

Wow This is the Team Project 1 Opening Video .. i find this very very cool !!!


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Goodluck for your internships Master 2007

May 22, 2007

Hello Everyone,

We just wanted to wish you all the best of luck for the summer as you embark on your internships. I am sending a small memory movie from some of the pictures from last few TP weeks. Apologies for the choice of song (for those who hate Coldplay) but turns out it is the only one I have available without a hard techno beat to it!


Annelie (from Syria) and Bee

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ISU in EUROPA PARK 13 May 2007

May 21, 2007

ISU went to Europa Park on 12 may as a celebration of the completion of the final projec. About 11 of us took the trip to once again become a kid in your youthful minds. We spend the whole day taking roller coaster rides and eating ice creams. Spending an 8 hours in a theme park is really a destressing moments and we all enjoy our deserved break. We seriously enjoy very much our mini break before our internship . Once again pictures are inside


The Making of Team Project 2: Full MOON Cover Page

May 17, 2007

Here is a little story how Team Project 2: FULL MOON created their Team Project Logo and Cover Page

Click Here

To Download The Full Moon Wallpaper



May 12, 2007

Team Project 1 : START

The official Website is launch and they have already 28000 hits and now that is 7 times more than the class blog…:)

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School is Over Next is Internship

May 11, 2007

After 9 weeks of team project, dont forget the stress, the scream and the final dash to finish the team project. We finally submit our report and present our presentation to our final project to our faculties and invited external experts to view the presentation. We believe are very tired and apologize for not updating the blog for a long time , Because we are just tooo engross with the team projects.

Anyway we will backtrack our stories from now on. Do keep updated.


To View our Video here is it