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Postcard from Brazil

June 27, 2007

Once again , we continue to update about our stories from around the world. This week, we take you to an exotic place where ISU07 prettiest student (according to everyone ) Laure-Helene is reporting from South America. Laure-Helene is our french student who now work for Equatorial Sistemas in Brazil for her internship. According to the update, not only she works hard she is also enjoying a lovely time in brazil too especially with the beautiful brazillian beaches, pristine green and traditional colonial towns. We all miss you laurie, take good care there alright

Here are some of selected Pictures

Please Click Here to see the Whole Album


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News from California ( Xprize JPL )

June 25, 2007

While browsing for some website, i found out matej blog that has some new pictures, YES at last i got pictures from X-Prize and JPL guys in California. Anyway i would like to share some of the pictures with you to show them how they are doing.

Here is Rodolphe and Andreea in the sunny California probably near their home. Andreea loves black, even in the hot summer she wear long dark clothes

THE JPL Gang eating Pizza ( Summer Feel )

Matej while visiting Space-X factory


Finally Brian and Matej in a what seems a rocket booster while visiting the Space-X Corporation

Enjoy your awesome Internship guys and tell us more stories about your work there and finally dont forget us. Keep in touch

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EADS Space Tourism Plan Discussion in ISU

June 19, 2007

The ISU 07 community are always keeping in touch with everyone about the recent space news. Last week was about ISS losing its power, we keep emailing/spaming each other about the progress until the day it is back on line and then one of our friend who is doing an intern in EADS emailed us about EADS plan to join the space tourism race.

It quickly get the news going

Here are the E-mail

Magda ( EADS)
If you haven’t heard yet EADS Astrium are looking to go into competition with SpaceShip Two with their own version of space tourism. Article with cool pics:,1518,488559,00.html

Ahmet ( SES)
After I heard the EADS interest in space tourism, I and John started a big discussion on the predicted scenarios and possible market and I built a quick Excel sheet

to see economical viability of the project. It is a simple one built in 5 min but it works.


I really don’t think it is a feasible project. But i guess this is a strategic move for EADS to attract more attention to other issues after I would say collapsing of A-380 Project by ending up with over budget and overtime than actually planned. They are in the process of firing people because of this project. And the first quarter financial numbers of EADS is very interesting, they made 10 billion revenues for Q1 of this year but only 10 million net profit which is nothing. And recently the management were highly criticized by shareholders in the general assembly about these issues both A-380 and financial figures.

They may want to get more attraction from public and also I remind John Logsdon analysis about how US Space Shuttle program started. “Engineers need a toy to play after Apollo missions” after A-380 EADS needs a strategic project in order to survive.

Maybe this analogy is a bit too pessimistic about space tourism but still has some true in it.

The EADS president’s speech about Virgin Galactic saying “Some of the guys think that they can build s/c in their garage” doesn’t seem like nice and moreover it is not fair. Their market research of 15000 passangers by 2020 seems to be too optimistic as well. They are announcing these kind of things that sounds interesting but i really don’t think they are realistic. It again reminds me the space tourism market researches that was done in Germany, Japan and some other places which predicts thousands of passangers for 2000s.

John and I played on the Excel sheet a lot and discussed these issues on our 1,5 h journeys back to home from SES.

space tourism guys if you want to play and extend the sheet, have a look.

BTW, I really want to see comments on EADS initiative on space tourism who are particularly interested in the issue in their internships.



Dimi ( JPL )
Hello business team,

I kind of agree it is a move to stay in contact with the other side of Atlantic in space tourism and private spaceflight etc, but:

Why is A380 a collapsing project?? There are problems, but don’t you cannot say it’s collapsing. It’s a huge project with lots of innovations and a LOT MORE financial risk and investment than any space tourism toy we are discussing for a year now in ISU (@250M/plane they need sth like 200 planes or more to break even, check the figures online). Don’t compare government money like Apollo and shuttle with industrial-private ventures like EADS, or any other. The first works for the good of society (whatever) the second for profit and shareholders (Yes EADS is owened by 25-30% by french state but again…). When A350 didn’t work in the market as initially planed Airbus redesigned it as A350XWB and re-launched it taking huge risk while rival Boeing had already 500+ orders for the rival B787. What did NASA do when people started saying that shuttle this and shuttle that and ISS this ISS that.. Outreach and T-Shirts and movies!!! 🙂

Do you think a space tourism rocket will save EADS if A380 ‘collapses’?? The fact that airbus is loosing ground is known for 2-3 years now, after Boeing was in the same position while airbus was thriving. Boeing restructured and that is what airbus is doing now.. It’s just that the by big percentage government owned airbus (you know how French are), employees unions, inflexible in laying-off European way of business, makes the whole process more difficult and sound worse than it is. At least that is my opinion from what I read here and there.

The Master 07 shows that even we are all over the world we still can keep in touch with each other even on the latest news . So i hope all the alumni too can use the ISU talk and News to keep us updated about the and join the discussion

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Weekend Updates around the world

June 18, 2007


This week two of our master class update their weekend outing

JPL gangs went to the beach (leaving andreea alone ) to do some surfin and spotted a mermaid !!!


Sebastian who is working in Colorado went to denver and did some hiking near his home !!

here are some of the pics

Have a nice time working everyone !!


Little archeologist back from Syria

June 14, 2007

Here is an email from our lovely, beautiful and talented TA, who took off to Syria during her holidays, while we are struggling with our internship.

“Hey all,

I hope everything is going well for you all over the world and that your internships started off well!

Just wanted to let you know I went to Homs, Syria, to actually make sure what you said was correct 😉 and here is a picture of me playing little archeologist

Syria could actually be turned into a gigantic Archeoland, because Im sure wherever you excavate, youll bump into something 6000 years old here I am with a mosaic that somebody discovered by mistake yep I know, no future for space in there



PS; Did you find any treasure back for us ??

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Frosties in Paris

June 13, 2007

In the sunny Parisian mornings, we go to work… Being Frosties, we take no ordinary means of transportation, of course. We’ve found a little bit more exciting. (As you can see we sometimes seem to have a tough time with knowing where we are)

Here, we’re just arriving at work, where we meet all the other Froties. Ahoy, Mateys!!!

Editors Note: Did you meet any Pirates Of The Parisian ??

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June 11, 2007

THE INTERNSHIP MAP IS FINALLY HERE .. after spending the most of my weekend in updating the Internship Map. At last, this is a gift for those who are waiting this for a long time for this map… Here is the map that shows where are we at this moment. Especially for MSS08, I hope this helps to tell you about the internship questions.

Anyway i think i am missing a couple of students, so who ever im missing please mail me and update me where you are !!




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