The Power of the Full Moon

June 7, 2007

This is one of the more interesting news i’ve ever heard . Just a bit of back-up media about stuff I’ve been trying to tell people for ages. Some people are indeed, affected by the moon and Rodolphe is one of them! Enjoy this interesting piece of News TP2 and If yourse TP 1


  • Link between full moon and violent crimes
  • Some police skeptical about moon’s effect
  • Moon may also influence alcohol consumption

YOU might have always suspected it, but now it’s been found to be true: a full moon brings out the worst in us.

A study by a British police force found cases of anti-social behaviour rose noticeably on the brightest nights.

“There is definitely a trend,” Inspector Andy Parr of the Sussex police said.

“With each full moon the number of disturbances recorded increased significantly.”

Insp Parr, who led the study, said its findings were too striking to dismiss as coincidence.

Violent crime increase with full moon
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One comment

  1. “Moon may also influence alcohol consumption” I firmly believe in this statement! I have seen example after example of this though-out my life.

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