Building A Satellite in Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency ( JAXA)

June 9, 2007

Hello everyone, how is everyone is doing? i hope everyone is doing great in their own project. This is a short story about my own project in JAXA. One of the project i have to do is to build a satellite kit in JAXA with 2 employer of JAXA. In this satellite we learn the basic infrastructure of a satellite such the development of solar cells , reaction wheel, gyros, batteries and electricity. The aim of this project is to test and integrate the different subsystems and we have two weeks to complete the project.

Overall, this is an amazing experience to study satellite integration and testing and this is the first time that JAXA commission such training program and i am really happy to be part of the program. The satellite is now completed and will be presented to an internal all Jaxa space week to show other members of JAXA about the development of Small Satellite. Here are some of the pictures that i took during my project.


Early Development of the satellite

My tools to build the satellite.

The Computer that powered the Satellite( Note; this is a windows xp powered satellite, i hope it doesnt hang eh )

Testing the connection of solar panel.

Test Video of the Satellite

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  1. Hi, I was wondering how you received this internship? I am interested in an international space agency internship or program. Please e-mail me!

  2. nice I was wondering to ask Nasa if they can launch my PC into orbit BTW how do you make a protective casing for space and what type of communication frequency or transceiver to use

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