Castle-Climbing in Germany

July 3, 2007

“Watch out for the stinging nettle!” – Daniela

“What does stinging nettle look like?” – Me

“See that thing that you are standing waist-deep in…?”

Shawna from Cologne, Germany here. So other than learning valuable lessons about what NOT to liberally traipse through, this weekend we (myself, Daniela, my co-intern/probable future ISU student J and Chris, the visiting NASA Biomedical Engineer at EAC ESA) visited castles galore and took a million pictures. We’ll spare you, though, and only show you the highlights.

First, we visited a castle in Koblenz where parts of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were filmed. Yes, THAT Indiana Jones. Very pretty, even if the tour was in German and we smiled and nodded with vacant looks in our eyes lots.

The rest of the day was even MORE amazing than that: Next we visited the itty-bitty town of Monreal (population of several hundred, tops!) and spent the day climbing amongst the ruins of castles from the 13th century (and through stinging nettle – word to the wise: if you can avoid it – DO!).

Of course, I would be the worst Canadian ever if I didn’t celebrate July 1st, Canada Day, so the next day, the three of us hit Cologne for some Mexican food and ice cream – to all the other Canucks out there, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!

I could go on about how amazing the weekend was, but really – the photos speak for themselves, so enjoy!

Shawna from EAC

Over and out

More pics


Ed Note : Shawna is the only climber that brings umbrella during her climb( see climb pictures). She can face the danger and thrill of a rock climb, but she needs her umbrella for the rain on top !!


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