Japanese Service [ISU cultural eXperience]

July 5, 2007

Hi guys! Just reporting from Tokyo, well I just found out the solution for the French service at the restaurants! No offense but this might be very practical! If interested I can do the business plan to introduce it to the market ; p  No, seriously, the Japanese service is excelent! It took seconds for the waitress to come!! Actually what she says: Omatase simashita means “We are sorry for make you wait” kind of amazing!

An advice for the new ISU’ers, come to Japan for your internships you will love it! Greetings to everybody and enjoy life, hopefully see you in Strasbourg!!

Isra ; )

If you want to watch more videos go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/superisraisu or http://israelojedaworldymore.spaces.live.com/



  1. OHHHHH!!! This is SOOO COOL!
    French need this button 100%. Again, no offense guys! But going to a french restaurant in the evening is like committing suicide: possible to die from hunger while waiting for them even to take order 🙂
    Isra, I am sure you can make a fantastic business plan, but NOT sure if french will like the idea 🙂

  2. NOW everyone know why i do have a hard time settling down in France.. its all about the button. i feel missing without the button. hehee .. if french dont like it the german will like it hehe


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