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Professional visits to Snecma,EADS and Paris

February 26, 2007

Every long trip starts with the turn-on of a bus engine….The Masters Class 2007 made a professional visit to the Snecma company where we could see the production process of the Vulcan Engines for the Arianne 5, helicopters and even figther jets,etc. An overview of the company and its clients, services and products; some people in the class whose passion for launching vehicles is their stuff went almost crazy of the excitement of being there … anyway was a fun visit and also a very dynamic one.

After the visit we had the rest of the day free so we managed to get some time to walk around in the town – at this time the class realized that one of our Rock superstar fellow in the masters program who was since the previous weekend in Paris he not longer was close to Paris due in his short French misunderstood the place where he wanted to go due it sounded like Marseille so he ended up in the south of France having a nice walk nearby the beach…. nice trade off Thiago!! (hey new ISU’ers take note what can happen if you guys don’t speak French eh?! you better prepare!!)

Next day was followed by the drive to Paris which took a couple of hours due the traffic in the city,in the way there we made a stop at the museum of Monet’s garden where we had so much fun and also we could visit his house-museum and enjoy of the beautiful colors of his garden as if this was not enough we got in Paris straight  to our hotel followed by a dinner with all the people in the class and of course we couldn’t resist to take a field research of the night life of Paris, it was a lot of fun but we needed to got back to our hotel in order to not to burn our busters for the visit of the next day to EADS where actually we were able to see a composite laboratory and even enter where the first stage of the Arianne 5 rocket where is put all together.

That day we made a 2-3 hours stop to the Air and Space museum  where we actually took tons of pictures and were completely delighted with all the geek stuff in it like the Concorde mock up,  satellites,  the Arianne 5 rocket, etc. Then we headed back to Paris  bit this time we had some free time and discover the beauty of the architecture and the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the romantic city, Paris. All we can say is that this trip was a great opportunity to know all of us each other and also to have a real time experience with the space industry, so exciting!!