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Yuris Night Party 2007 LA SALAMANDER

April 13, 2007

Today is Yuris Night Party, the party started early at 10 00 oclock at La Salamander, it was organized by a the local french students Seba who had done an amazing job in securing the venue and the events itself. We came in our best costumes ( at least some of us and dance till it the night through and at the same time we manage to get some students not from ISU to be interested in Yuris Night . At first it is “who is Yuri Gagarin, i never heard of him!” But after the party everyone seems familiar to the man who first soar to the sky into dark space. Cheers to Yuris


The Night Scene

The Astroguys !

The ISU gangs not studying

ESA scientist are not always in the lab

Its Yuris Night Guys !!

Astro drinking

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