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What makes ISU07

July 4, 2007

Its been almost a year since the ISU, its time for us to prepare our graduation speech and to do this , we need a vote on who will represent us in the graduation ceremony in September. Isra, one of our students suggest a way for us to vote

Here it is:

Xavier can upload the forums for the class in the ISU forums online….

Richard will count the electronic report and will pass it on to S. and B.

Shawna and Brian will edit the results (Brian won’t sleep for the whole week the process will last and will try to live in ISU)

William will put the edited results on the web and broadcast them trough his satellite….

but not before double-checked the link by Kenny

Mr. Hubert can provide some tips for the speech

Luisa will write in pink the results and send congratulations to the winner and organize the grad-party

but not before Mr. Wale will ask his two questions

Dave will try to add a point to save the empire

so does Natalie who also has feelings too

S. Moon will ask to hurry the process due we need to find jobs after the graduation

Sebas will say that he would like that somebody from France could give the speech “I think is fair guys

Rodolphe will “just want to say this: that we should remember this should be something good“….all this with his cute smile

Kieran will propose to add the space tourism topic to the final speech…

Simon from the remotes areas of the planet will try to watch the event

Andreaa will say that we shouldn’t worry too much “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger” and probably can help us with references

Alma will try to show her knowledge in Bethoveen’s 5th simphony at the piano

so KJ can play his instrument along too, while he explain us what does the DS words mean

Magda (just married) and Shawna can delight us with their beautiful voices…not before the motion has been passed by 2/3 majority according to the Robert’s rules of order

and Violetta can calculate market potential of the number of viewers coming to the graduation

not forgettin Mac Phee can acompany us with guitars

Marianne will add some pictures from her field trip to the Artic and will try UNESCO be our sponsor for the class trip

Antonio would try to give his feedback from his engineer’s point of view followed by

the risk assesment and the risk matrix done by Ahmet

Nabila might want to do an international document with her contacts in the UN and add some Remote Sensing facts to the speech

Alex will try to impress some girls practicing his Japanese and talking about robotics

Matej…heeey maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! will be watching the Graduation speech at the X Prize’s office, czech it out!

Thiago could be the contact manager for the event

Christine will suggest not to forget the topic of outreach of space

Dag might want to show with his tight Navy costume

Harish could give some imparcial judgement of the speech and add some sportive outlook

AV will try to get the TP2 final report with data from Mars rovers and will refuse to go back to India despite that India’s president might watch the event

John might want to take some photos for the class memories

Marc could design the Class 2007’s logo and add some cool pics from the cosmos

to all this Nicola would remain equanimous…

Thomas…well he has already a job…he is too cool now

Carlos will check if the webcast won’t violate any international treaty

Carla will try to optimize the voting process using algorithm and probability

Laure-Helene and Pierre they would like that the voting does not happen during the weekend

Dimitrious is a good listener so will provide his political analysis with a rocket engineers perspective

Renee will design a spreedsheet in excel to have the class contact list updated not before she figures it out an algorithim to be used with the database file

Henrik would like to suggest if we can hang some beds in the ceiling….just for decoration purposes

ID she will be a beautiful new mom!

Seaun will be checking the network satellite’s link

Gabriel will be back in Stras bringing some positive energy

Ziggy…is in love oh la la!

Jun after having watched all this he will say “I cannot believe it” this time was easy!

Gioulie will provide us her feedback and she will say: “I liiiiiike!!!”

Bee would definetely give us her input of the speech not without having received a well deserved Alsacian wine for all her passion for space to what she will say: “Thank you guys!”

hopefully one student will give Annelie a nice and well deserved Jiraffe with a nice thank-you note attached

Isra well, holly Mooolly!!!! I luv you all guys and I miss you all from Japan! I am looking forward to meet you and have some tequilas along with some dancing (not necesarily in “Salamander” no more Salamander pleease!!!!) I swear there are more places in Stras!!!!!

Isra ; )


Who we are (The Master 06/07 Family )

November 10, 2006

A Picture of Who we are in the ISU 06/07 Master Program . Every single one of US in this mini pics ..

Welcome to our family Pictures