Chinese New Year in Strasbourg

Chinese New Year Celebration today. The chinese community in ISU get together at 12 Noon to prepare a traditional chinese cuisine for everyone in ISU.get someone to write my essay All of us started to prepare all the food by cutting  the vegetables and meat to prepare for big feast. While william prepares to hijack the Chinese National TV CCTV to watch the countdown in China. its 5 p.m. and we manage to catch a glimpse of the chinese countdown party. An amazing technology revolution. No matter where you are .. you wont be away from home.

We continue to cook, while Bee and can i write questions during my act writing essay William goes to decorate the house to be more chinese looking, not long later our belgian friend rodolphe came early to give us support in decorating the house. Slowly more and more people came to visit at around 730 p.m. its time to eat and drink chinese food and beer. where we exchange stories about the origins of the chinese new year and do a traditional chinese new year drinking cheers .. Cant Pay !! ( i always thought that you shout you cant pay for your drink !! )

The evening entertaintment start with a chinese traditional kung fu movie Although the choreography is beautiful, it has no ending. We were all puzzled and amazed by the movie. but that doesnt ruin our mood to dance the night away with a hip hop chinese modern song..

Our main Door

Preparing the food

Watchig the countdown live from chinese tv

Yummy Yum

Rodolphe is drawing the dragon

The house is almost ready

Time to eat and enjoy the chinese new year


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